Posted 01/10/2019

Your help could save lives…

It's time to get serious

As you are ‘ringing in the changes’ this New Year’s Eve, I will be halfway to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Then, only days into the new year, I will be Antarctica-bound on a Russian transport plane heading to the starting point of my Head South trek to the South Pole in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity.

With training beginning in earnest in October and a minimum fundraising target of £65,000 to support the fight against brain tumours, it is time to get serious and support in any way we can. You can start here by donating now. 


Because believe it or not, scientific progress rests in your hands. As I face the biggest physical challenge of my life so far, what will get me through it is knowing that you are with me and we are all playing our part in helping to combat a dreadful disease.

As a family man, my blood runs cold at the thought of receiving the devastating news that a loved one has cancer.

With almost 11,700 people receiving a primary brain tumour diagnosis each year, including 500 children and young people – that’s the heartbreaking reality for 32 families EVERY DAY.

At just 14 years of age, rugby fan Joss Rowley-Stark – whose remarkable story was the inspiration behind The Lewis Moody Foundation – was diagnosed with a very rare strain of cancer in January 2012 and lost his battle in April 2013.

I can’t imagine the unthinkable amounts of pain, huge and inconceivable tests of stamina, determination and strength Joss and his family had to go through.  It makes my trek across one of the most inhospitable regions on the planet feel like a walk in the park.

I am Heading South to join former England rugby player Lewis Moody and polar explorer Alan Chambers MBE on a 60-mile nautical trek across the Antarctic plateau.

It’s time to dig deep (by the way, when I talked about getting serious I meant it!). The money you donate will fund two pioneering projects to accelerate brain tumour treatment and research.

So let’s get things in perspective. I’ve already raised 20% of my target but I still need your help to reach my minimum fundraising target of £65,000.

We cannot put a price on health and happiness, so to thank you for your support and celebrate our joint mission, I have a proposition for you.

Please consider one of my three unique sponsorship deals or create an entirely bespoke package that will give you the chance to ‘fly the flag’ for your brand at the South Pole without stepping foot out of your door!

Support me on my journey to benefit from a raised brand profile, exclusive PR opportunities and an outstanding CSR project.

Email me or drop me a direct message today to discuss the options.

Your help takes us one step closer to a cure. 


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