Posted 18/01/2016

Why the Prince’s Trust?

1050 miles of road on foot over six weeks.

I have been working with the Prince’s Trust for over 10 years now and as you may know by now, this year I am undertaking 40 marathons in 40 days to raise vital funds for the charity.

This challenging event has led some people to ask me why I bother. Why not just run one marathon, or just donate some cash and go along to the odd event or two? After all, why would anyone in their right mind choose to cover almost 1050 miles of road on foot over six weeks?

Well if you know much about me at all you’ll know that my personal story has often been responsible for driving my ideas and future plans. And this challenge is no different.

As a young man who lived life hour to hour, day to day, with no clear future and no apparent opportunities, there were times when I hit rock bottom. Times when just knowing that there would be food available and a roof over my head felt like I had won the lottery.

And when I got my lucky breaks, when people held out their hand to offer me a chance and I worked my way up the ladder, I knew that one day if I could be successful I would turn and hold out my hand for the next person. For me that time came with my success in business over the past decade and my promise never left me.

Over the years I have worked with many young people from the Prince’s Trust, leading motivational workshops, getting involved in team building activities, and supporting them to take steps towards their own success. I have sensed their fear and seen their self-doubt when they start the process, and I have watched as the support given to them by the Trust has transformed them into strong young adults with the determination to succeed.

You may have seen the excellent programme on the Prince’s Trust recently, featuring Ant and Dec who were getting to know Prince Charles and telling us a bit more about why he started the Trust almost 40 years ago.

Well I have been lucky to have met Prince Charles on many occasions, and he truly does have a brilliant sense of humour. I will never forget my investiture at Buckingham Palace, it was a very special day, and made even more special by Prince Charles, who having seen me regularly at events for the Prince’s Trust quipped “Oh no, not you again!” whilst pinning the OBE to my lapel!

Without people like you and I raising funds for the Prince’s Trust, thousands of disadvantaged young people would never have the chance to transform their future. It is our responsibility to do something that makes a difference to their young lives – because they are our future.

So that’s why the Prince’s Trust is so important to me, and you too can be creative, think about what challenges you could do to play your part in supporting the Trust and look out for me running around London in the summer, I will be grateful for all your support.

Donate to the Prince’s Trust here.

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