Posted 11/10/2015

The Prince’s Trust

Dedicated to raising funds, support and awareness

Michael sits on two Prince’s Trust Boards, the Internet & Media Leadership Group, where other members include the top UK people from Facebook, Amazon and LinkedIn, and the Technology Leadership Group (TLG). Both bodies look to raise value and awareness for the Trust, generating significant income. These panels represent the corporate social responsibility initiatives for the UK technology, media and telecoms industries, dedicated to raising funds, support and awareness to reduce the numbers of young people facing long-term unemployment.

Michael has introduced donors and mentors to the Trust, captivated and inspired young audiences with his own personal story, and has stunningly ambitious plans for 2016 to put his feet where his mouth is.

Over the last ten years he has raised some £500,000 for the Prince’s Trust and his view aims to make even more, all he has to do now is persuade people to support his events! That is easier said than done, however, hence his need to go to what he calls “the crazy extremes” of his most daunting challenges. He wants people to think, “That is really crazy, Mike. You deserve sponsoring!”

Michael believes that the fear of failure is the biggest single inhibitor in society today. His ethos is to try, perhaps to fail, but to regret nothing and respect everyone. This was evident in his leadership as a CEO. As the Financial Times has reported: “Mr Tobin was known for his unusual management style, publishing a management book called Forget Strategy. Senior executives have endured being “kidnapped” by former KGB agents, swimming with sharks and spending a night in an ice hotel.” He takes the same spirit of adventure into his fundraising with every charity, and especially with The Prince’s Trust as you will see with his upcoming events. Please watch this film for more information.

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