Posted 18/07/2019

My most challenging adventure yet!

My most challenging adventure yet!

What better way to take on January 2020 than possibly one of my most challenging escapades to date: an immense 60-mile trek across Antarctica to the South Pole with former England Rugby Captain Lewis Moody MBE and a team led by Polar Explorer Alan Chambers MBE.

A journey to the most remote part of Antarctica, our dream team will complete 10 hours of inhospitable ice travel at around 10,000 feet above sea level each day in some of the coldest temperatures on Earth…which begs the question: why am I putting myself through one of the most extreme tests of physical and psychological endurance?

Because it’s all for a very good cause that’s why: to support The Lewis Moody Foundation, who are working tirelessly to tackle brain tumours. It’s a small sacrifice compared to the extreme pain and suffering that cancer causes.

Did you know….

  • Brain tumours are one of the biggest killers of children and adults under 40 in the UK
  • 10 children and teenagers are diagnosed with a brain tumour every week in the UK
  • Less than 2% of cancer research funding in the UK is spent on brain tumours​

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Lewis Moody
Lewis Moody with Joss

The Lewis Moody Foundation is dedicated to changing this story, and so am I. Lewis and his wife Annie decided to set up the foundation after meeting Joss Rowley Stark, a promising young rugby player, who sadly lost his fight with cancer in April 2013 at the age of just 16. The time spent with Joss made a massive impact on Lewis’ life, and the happy memories made for Joss and his family were immeasurable. The Lewis Moody Foundation works closely with The Brain Tumour Charity to raise money for special family experiences and research to ultimately help defeat brain tumours.

LMF Together we can tackle brain tumours

And this is where you come in…

 I am very happy to do the hard graft so you don’t have to! All you need to do – without risking life and limb – is put your hand in your pocket and donate to my justgiving, safe in the knowledge that every penny is raising vital funds to make a difference to families affected by a brain tumour now and in the future – as well as inspiring the Head South team every step of the way!

Funds raised from the Head South challenge will enable the foundation to fund pioneering new research into brain tumours to change the dire survival rates for those with a brain tumour such as:

The Tessa-Jowell BRAIN-MATRIX: inspired by the incredible and brave Dame Tessa Jowell who lost her life to a brain tumour in 2018, this groundbreaking clinical trial will enable doctors to treat brain tumours with drugs that are more targeted than ever before.

Dame Tessa Jowell

BRIAN: the Brain tumouR Information and Analysis Network: a ground-breaking databank which will enable cancer sufferers to make better-informed decisions, clinicians to identify and implement best practice, and researchers to access data to reach a cure sooner.

BRIAN databank

The Foundation relies solely on donations raised through the people who take on events and challenges such as Head South. This challenge heralds the final chapter in The Lewis Moody Foundation and Y.CO headsup series, which has raised over £285,000 so far. With your help, Head South is set to be the foundation’s biggest fundraising challenge so far, with an aim to raise over £500,000.


To donate to this great cause please click here today

Thank you for supporting me to help raise funds for everyone touched by Brain Tumours, together we can make a difference!
The Lewis Moody Foundation

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