Posted 26/08/2016

The Final Frontier

40 Marathons in 40 Days

The 24th August 2016 is a date that will stay with me forever. It’s the date I completed my 40 Marathons in 40 Days challenge.
Over the last 6 weeks I have run, walked, limped, and jogged 40 different paths across and around London in the hope of raising life-changing funds for young people supported by The Prince’s Trust and the DofE.

  • I have covered over 1040 miles (just to be sure).
  • I have run for more than 200 hours.
  • I have taken more than 2,080,000 steps.
  • I have lost over 10kg in weight.
  • Along the way, I have delivered a motivational speech to over 1500 colleagues and employees of companies supporting me.
  • And together with your support we have raised over £100,000.

One of the most crucial statistics however, is the number of young people I have seen, met or run past who are the victims of their circumstances. Young people who are suffering due to family break-ups, bereavement, homelessness, abuse, or are in need of a helping hand to recover from straying off the path and give them opportunities for the future.

The number? Countless

So I want to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to every single one of you, I am so grateful for every pound donated, tweet shared, pat on the back, and word of encouragement.
I couldn’t have achieved my goal without you. And neither can the hundreds of young people who will be helped through the funds raised by this challenge.

So what next?

Well, I’m looking forward to a beer, a lie-in, and some good food. But life resumes and it’s work as usual for now. I can’t promise to take it easy for too long though, I have another exciting challenge coming up later this year, so watch this space for that one.

But in the meantime please continue to share my fundraising link, and donate here if you have been inspired by this crazy challenge. We’ve a couple more weeks to push the fundraising up and I know that together we can make it to £100K.

Thank you all.

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