Lifting The Floor

This is Michael’s never-before-published account of the explosion of the data centre industry. Here, he and key industry insiders lift the lid on an industry that’s been hiding its shocking stories beneath the floor tiles of data centres the world over. This book exposes how an industry that’s only 25 years old became the most important in the world and introduces you to the egos, opportunists and forward-thinkers who made that happen.

Redbus, Telecity, Interxion and Telehouse were basically where the internet lived in Europe.
Lifting The Floor

Example chapter extract

During my time leading such a fast-growing, but turbulent industry, I was involved in some of the most intense, unthinkable, and often life-changing situations that took us from the creation of the UK’s leading data centre through to the expansion of the entire industry across Europe, the US, Africa and beyond.

This is the never-before published, true story, behind the birth of the data centre industry in Europe, which took me from being a Sales Director to receiving an OBE for my Services to the Digital Economy. In putting this book together, I have talked to former rivals and industry comrades who have either had a fundamental impact on the industry themselves, or experienced the highs and lows of being part of an emerging industry over the last 25 years. Together we reveal the hidden stories of the events and the people behind the data centres who found themselves caught in a web of a very different kind.

Read on to discover the scandalous stories and real boardroom battles that have been lying dormant until now in this explosive book, which ‘lifts the floor tiles’ of the industry to uncover the chaos lying below.