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Named the ‘Maverick’ CEO of Telecity by the Financial Times, I share my knowledge widely as an author, using my personal and business experiences to empower entrepreneurs, leaders and organisations around the world.

Lifting The Floor

This is Michael’s never-before-published account of the explosion of the data centre industry. Here, he and key industry insiders lift the lid on an industry that’s been hiding its shocking stories beneath the floor tiles of data centres the world over. This book exposes how an industry that’s only 25 years old became the most important in the world and introduces you to the egos, opportunists and forward-thinkers who made that happen.

Live, Love, Work, Prosper

In Live, Love, Work, Prosper Michael draws on his personal and professional experience to challenge the received wisdom that there needs to be, or even can be, a divide or a ‘balance’ between work and life. This is truer than ever, given dizzyingly rapid rates of change in technology, business models and family fragmentation. He re-evaluates how ­- now and into the future – we can be liberated by an integrated approach to success at work that’s more in tune with a satisfying and fulfilling personal life.

Forget Strategy. Get Results

Written from the point of view of someone achieving business success in today’s turbulent economy, Forget Strategy. Get Results offers you a fresh way of thinking about successfully managing any sort of business, under any conditions. Controversial, thought-provoking, and entertaining, it delivers TelecityGroup founder and CEO, Michael Tobin OBE’s unconventional approach to management and shares the lessons he’s learned on his path to building one of the world’s largest data center provider companies.