Posted 14/09/2018

Podcasting with Audio Boom – Your Podcast, Your Personality

Podcasting is forging a strong path for anyone with a story to tell

With the recent surge in popularity of podcasting, I am proud and excited to have been appointed non-Exec Chairman of Audioboom, the podcasting platform for hosting, distributing and monetising your audio.

As you know, technology is a big part of my life, and it’s obvious in all industries including the media, which has felt the full force of digitisation. With newspaper sales falling, podcasting is forging a strong path for anyone with a story to tell and a message to spread, as we seek different means of accessing information and curating our news feeds.

The reasons for the growth in podcasting popularity are plentiful:

Podcasts are perfect for storytelling

Tone of voice, emotions and sense of humour naturally come across in spoken audio, resulting in work that achieves a greater depth of transparency and expression than even the best of writers could achieve. Together with compelling content, this is the perfect recipe for an engaged audience.

A good recent example – albeit painfully bittersweet – of the deep connections that can be made through podcasting is the huge popularity of the Big C Little Me podcast. Hosted by three friends all going through varying stages of their battle with cancer, sharing warts and all tales of their journeys, they take the listener through the highs and lows of managing the disease alongside “normal life”.

One of the hosts, BBC 5 Live presenter Rachel Bland, sadly died last week. One of her burning ambitions had been to get the podcast to the top of the charts, which the trio achieved. Rachel has left a quite a legacy – and a lasting impression on thousands of listeners.

This incredible podcast from three inspirational women has proved that there is an audience for this topic – one of life’s taboo subjects – and with the intimacy and openness that the podcast offered its listeners, thousands will have benefitted, either for themselves going through a similar experience, or as a support to others.

A perfect soundtrack for multitasking

While blog posts and videos have become essential to any businesses marketing output, they still require full attention from the audience to maximise their value.

A podcast however can be consumed while the listener is taking part in other activities, perfect for work-life integration, and another reason why they are rapidly becoming the go-to soundtrack choice for so many people while commuting, exercising, or doing a spot of DIY.

Any subject, there’s an audience for it!

As the podcaster or the listener, there really is a podcast of your choice out there – fact or fiction, entertainment or information – and an audience ready to be engaged.

This infographic gives a solid insight into the highest performing genres in the US with everything from comedy to sports, education to politics. Where does your story fit in?

For me personally, I’m looking forward to podcasting with my son Nelson – watch this space for more details!

Soaring popularity

According to the BBC, up to 6 million people download a podcast each week and listen for an average of 3.6 hours per week, and these figures continue to rise, while newspaper sales dwindle and even Facebook use is in decline, so be sure to be in the podcast game and not be left behind!

I have blogged, vlogged (and jogged!) my way through all my different business and personal interests. And they have been fantastic ways to connect with my audience. But now I’m excited to be adding podcasting to my means of connecting with people to keep in touch, share my stories of what I’ve been up to and get some great ideas and comments in return.

Podcasting provides a perfect opportunity to have your voice heard. So what is your story, your passion, and your specialist subject?

You can catch my podcast here.

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