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Subscribe to The Tobin Podcast where my son Nelson and I will be giving our Baby Boomer and Gen Z perspectives on the latest trends and hot topics.

Cannabis: The Highs & Lows

Listen to Michael and Nelson's refreshingly open and honest review of recent proposals to change the UK laws surrounding cannabis. They explore generational differences in attitude towards the Class B drug, debating how legalisation could affect the use of cannabis in society for both recreational and medicinal purposes, and its potential impact upon the NHS and the wider economy.

Apple of my i…Phone

Episode 2 of The Tobin Podcast with Michael and Nelson Tobin talking all things Apple. Are you considering a new phone? Are you in the 'Apple gang'? Are you wondering which accessories are really worth it? Find out the pros and cons of Apple iPhones vs Android phones, whether the new features are really worth it, and how Apple has evolved its products in this honest and realistic account.

Game of Goons

Father and son, Michael and Nelson Tobin discuss their beloved Arsenal football team on match day 3 of the 2018/19 Premier League Season.