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Podcast Guest Appearances

Listen as I share my experiences and opinions on trending topics, my philanthropic adventures, work and life.

Inside Data Centre Podcast

This week I joined the host of the Inside Data Centre Podcast, Andy Davis, to talk about lifting the floor on the data centre industry and sharing my insights and experience in the industry.

The Digital Foundation Podcast

I joined hosts Carrie Goetz and Simon Allen, with iMasons Founder and Chairman Dean Nelson for a chat, discussing why we all need luck and why we should forget strategy and focus on results.

Julius Baer True Connections Podcast

If you believe in your company, don’t give it away early. I spoke with Alan Hooks about my position as Chairman of the winner of the 2020 Spectator Economic Innovator of the Year Award – Ultraleap, telling all about Ultraleap’s innovations and its application in a post-pandemic world.

infinite pie thinking with Al Fawcett

In this conversation, I share my story of entrepreneurship, what I look for when recruiting people and building my teams, my leadership style and approach that has led to many calling me the "Maverick Entrepreneur", and the importance of setting the vision and developing the culture that leads to high performance and success. We really dig into these topics and explore the impact they have had.

The LTL Show with Jack Moore

The LTL Show is London Tech Leaders animated podcast, where they invite some of the leading names in technology to talk all about their experiences, backgrounds, learnings, personal development and all things tech! I joined host Jack Moore for episode 2 to share my story, my top leadership tips plus my opinion on the public cloud.

Winning Awards Podcast with Donna O’Toole

This episode of The Winning Awards podcast I joined awards expert and Founder of August, Donna O'Toole to share my thoughts on the many challenges life throws us and how you can overcome fear to seize the opportunities now. Plus I share my stories from trekking to the South Pole, to receiving an OBE from the Queen, and joking with Prince Charles.

Founders365 Forget Strategy, Get Results

Founders365, hosted by Steven Haggerty, Steven shares 365 insights from 365 founders during 2020. We spoke about my story and the highs, the lows and the lessons I've learnt along the way.

Driving Ambition and Overcoming Obstacles with Sir Andrew Strauss

On this episode of Positive Personal Power I joined host Nathaniel Schooler and former England Cricket captain Andrew Strauss OBE, we talked about the journey to the top, the challenges and the highs of scoring a century at Lords. Plus we spoke about the Ruth Strauss Foundation and the work they are doing to fight the lung cancers you don’t hear about and support the suffering you don’t see.

The Challenges of Being a National Champion: Graham Gooch

I joined Nathaniel Schooler for another episode of Positive Personal Power podcast, this time alongside successful international batsmen Graham Gooch. We discussed what it was like to be a leader of men who in their own right are already top of their game, what kept him going in the hard times and wow it felt to be exiled from the international game for a few years.

Hollywood Legend Stanley Tucci Shares his Tips on Getting Through Life’s Struggles

Nathaniel Schooler and I spoke with American actor, writer, producer and film director Stanley Tucci about his Hollywood career and the struggles that came with it, plus his tips on getting through life's hard times.

David Nash – From the Changing Room to the Board Room

Moving beyond cricket to becoming an entrepreneur and an author, I joined Nathaniel Schooler and David Nash on the Positive Personal Power Podcast to talk about David's challenges during his cricket career and writing a book.

Forty years in news with Alastair Stewart OBE

Nathaniel Schooler and Alastair Stewart OBE and I discuss news and current affairs media and their effect on readers/listeners wellbeing, how can we rely on the media to give us fact VS opinion, and the challenges Alastair had to overcome in 40 years in the news industry.

Lewis Moody MBE – Anger Management

I joined Nathaniel Schooler's podcast Positive Personal Power alongside guest Lewis Moody MBE. Finding out where Lewis' nickname 'mad dog' came from, overcoming anger issues and why he started the Lewis Moody Foundation.

The Startup Van Podcast – Founders Fuel – Inspiring and Educating Entrepreneurs

The Startup Van travelled the world in a vintage VW Bus interviewing great entrepreneurs before opening a permanent studio in London Shoreditch. They've interviewed well over 3,000 guests and want to educate and inspire as many entrepreneurs as possible by interviewing the biggest and most successful names in business. As the guest of this week's episode we chatted about my life, everything from fleeing East London gang activity to eventually leading an IPO!

Influential Visions Podcast: Data Protection, Privacy & Philosophy

On this latest episode of the Influential Visions Podcast, we discussed if people should be worried about their online privacy, what is the worst thing that could happen with data being so readily available and what the benefits of data protection are going into the future.

Influential Visions Podcast: Trekking in the wilderness, Back to harsh reality

In this episode, I share stories from my trek to The South Pole in January 2020, as well as my tips for working from home. Plus we discuss how the future of jobs may be influenced by AI.

Love in London Podcast

Affable host Freddie Browne endeavours to discover London through the eyes of his guests, through revealing questions and rigorous conversation. On this episode, I make a guest appearance and we talk through everything from epic physical feats to ice hotels and shark tanks and try to discover a little more about London.

Influential Visions Podcast: Sales and Success Secrets to Scale Up Your Startup

In this live interview at “The Arts Club” Dover Street I share many sales and success secrets to get you rolling! We also discuss technology of course. This recording was originally released during 2018 and re-released January 2020.

The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast – Ep. 144

On this episode of The Health, Fitness and Lifestyle podcast with personal trainer Luke Grainger and nutritionist and online coach Gavin Gillibrand, I make a guest appearance alongside England Rugby player Lewis Moody MBE as we talk rugby and the Lewis Moody Foundation.

The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast – Ep. 143

On this episode of The Health, Fitness and Lifestyle podcast with personal trainer Luke Grainger and nutritionist and online coach Gavin Gillibrand, I make a guest appearance alongside England Cricketer Sir Andrew Strauss OBE as we talk cricket and the Ruth Strauss Foundation

The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast – Ep. 142

On this episode of The Health, Fitness and Lifestyle podcast with personal trainer Luke Grainger and nutritionist and online coach Gavin Gillibrand, with 2 weeks to go until my fundraising challenge to walk to The South Pole to raise funds for the Brain Tumour Charity I catch up with the guys on my training progress and the stark reality of this monumental challenge.

Influential Visions Podcast: Work Life Balance

In this episode of the Influential Visions Podcast, I shared my decades of management experience in how to manage stress and how to develop a work-life integration, with commercial awareness thrown in for good measure...

The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast – Ep. 129

On this episode of The Health, Fitness and Lifestyle podcast with personal trainer Luke Grainger and nutritionist and online coach Gavin Gillibrand, I make a guest appearance alongside Middlesex Cricketer David Nash with an update on my fundraising challenge and to talk about life, mental health and entrepreneurship.

The Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast – Ep. 125

On this episode of The Health, Fitness and Lifestyle podcast with personal trainer Luke Grainger and nutritionist and online coach Gavin Gillibrand, I discussed my fundraising challenge of walking to The South Pole in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity, and how my training is going.

Cannabis: The Highs & Lows

Listen to Michael and Nelson's refreshingly open and honest review of recent proposals to change the UK laws surrounding cannabis. They explore generational differences in attitude towards the Class B drug, debating how legalisation could affect the use of cannabis in society for both recreational and medicinal purposes, and its potential impact upon the NHS and the wider economy.

Build Business Acumen

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground with Mike Tobin OBE. I share my personal branding strategies, how I found my work/life balance and got involved with giving back. Plus the exciting projects I currently have on the go!

Apple of my i…Phone

Episode 2 of The Tobin Podcast with Michael and Nelson Tobin talking all things Apple. Are you considering a new phone? Are you in the 'Apple gang'? Are you wondering which accessories are really worth it? Find out the pros and cons of Apple iPhones vs Android phones, whether the new features are really worth it, and how Apple has evolved its products in this honest and realistic account.

Game of Goons

Father and son, Michael and Nelson Tobin discuss their beloved Arsenal football team on match day 3 of the 2018/19 Premier League Season.

White Heat: How is Tech Changing Politics?

In this episode of Coffee House Shots by The Spectator, presented by Fraser Nelson, one of the Spectator's top writers, I appear alongside Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock and entrepreneur and co-founder at SecondHome Rohan Silva, to discuss how tech is changing politics.