Posted 29/07/2016

Man on the run

A huge thank you

I’m 14 days into my 40 marathons in 40 days challenge and today I crossed the 33% mark on mileage. I’ve had a busy week packed full of board meetings, AGMs, speaker events, and personal commitments. I’ve certainly been a man on the run, leaping from one thing to another, one day to the next.

And I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me so far, both through your personal encouragement and sponsorship. We’re nearing the £40K mark now and I’m feeling positive that together we can really make a difference to some young people’s lives. Let’s keep going!

On my travels around London I’ve seen the City change on a daily basis. From dawn to dusk the streets fill and empty, people coming and going with so much to do in their busy lives – just like me, ‘running’ from one thing to another.

And my pace has changed since I started running a couple of weeks ago. I’ve actually sped up. I’ve had more to pack in and more to think about this week than I did last, and I expect the next few weeks to become busier and busier.

But when the City is quiet and I run past the homeless street sleepers, cardboard beds, and makeshift shelters, that’s when I mentally pause for thought.

In our hectic lives juggling business, family, friends, hobbies, and events we don’t have time to slow down and take in our surroundings or to think about what’s going on in front of our very eyes, we run on and on and on without stopping.

If I can ask anything of my followers it is this. Just take a second to pause and to think about what’s happening around you. Think about the stories behind the young people in the shadows and doorways. Think about how just a few seconds of your time could change their life.

No man is an island and no matter how far I run I can’t help others all by myself. So my vehicle for change is The Prince’s Trust who use their collective funds and expertise to save young lives and give children and young people a reason to live.

Please pause for a moment in your busy life to show your support by donating here or text your donation and TOBI52 to 70070 and please follow and share my progress via Twitter.

It only takes a few seconds to make a big difference.

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