Posted 22/07/2016

Making a Breakthrough

Hitting the streets of London

On the 16th July I began my challenge of running 40 marathons in 40 days, and although I’d clearly set myself a hard task I couldn’t wait to get started.

I hit the streets of London around 5 am with the hope of completing my first marathon in less than six hours. I made it back in just over five hours in the end and was pretty pleased with that time – but was mindful that this was just the start!
Over the course of the week the weather got hotter and hotter, my blisters got bigger and bigger, and to avoid some of the heat my start time got earlier and earlier.

I can’t pretend I’m finding this easy. I’ve never run more than one marathon in a short space of time before so it was hard to prepare for how I could feel.

On day two I started to feel quite sick, and on day three, if I’m really honest, I was struggling. My body hurt and my feet were throbbing. For a second I really felt like giving up.

But then I came back to thinking about the purpose of this challenge and I remembered it’s not for me. It’s for someone else.

Someone who might not even live to be even half my age without the vital help and support that The Prince’s Trust can offer them.

Someone who perhaps I ran past on the street, or who you walked past on your way to work today, or on your way home yesterday.

Someone who we will never meet, but by raising awareness of the help they could get from the Trust, whose life we could change for the better.

The Prince’s Trust offers support to young people up to the age of 30 who need help to escape or recover from mental health problems, abuse, homelessness, or if they have been in trouble with the law.

Every pound you give to support the Trust is dedicated to helping change a young person’s path in life and gives them the chance of a better future.

As for me – well, I’m nearly a week down and I’m feeling it. But there is some good news. After day three I kept pushing on and my time has improved! I’m now coming in at under five hours so I feel I’ve made a breakthrough.
Will you help a young person make a breakthrough in their life by sponsoring this marathon challenge?
Please show your support by donating here or text your donation and TOBI52 to 70070. It’s YOU who can make a difference to another young life.

Please follow my progress via Twitter – and please help spread the word by sharing this so we can raise as much as possible for The Prince’s Trust and DofE.

#TogetherWeCan save young lives and make a real difference

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