Posted 16/01/2018

Launch of Live Love Work Prosper

What an Evening!

A week post-launch and I’m reliving the incredible evening I enjoyed at Daunt Books, Cheapside, London for the launch of my second book – Live Love Work Prosper – an integration of Work and Life, Literature and Technology!

It was fantastic to be surrounded by so many people in support of the book – family, friends and colleagues from over the years. The drinks were flowing and it was wonderful to see the orange front cover of Live Love Work Prosper everywhere I turned!

Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that this book has been in the making for some time. It’s been a labour of love for me, written while continuing to spin the plates of my family, business and charitable concerns and flying here, there and everywhere around the globe.

Life for me is particularly busy and at times very hectic. I’m a one-man operation, keeping on top of numerous NED roles with large organisations. I’m involved with many charities and above all, have three children and a wonderful wife also keeping me busy.

This book was born out of a need to harmonise my business and personal practices. In the past, I kept both concerns separate… and I’ll hold my hands up and admit, it didn’t work well. I finally saw that whole idea of a work persona and a home persona was unhealthy and unfair to either side. This sentiment was recently echoed by Virgin Money CEO Jayne-Anne Gadhia, who asked why on Earth we should be a “different person at work and home”?

So, I decided to re-evaluate my approach to managing work and life, and I realised that I needed to stop trying to “balance” the two. It was no longer effective or efficient to keep work and life separate, it was time for integration!

Technology is a fantastic tool for this and I encourage you to use technology to help you wherever possible. I often say, “technology is like toothpaste – you can’t get it back in the tube!” – a perfect analogy in a world where tech is developing quicker than most people can keep up with.

So, use technology and use it to your advantage. It can help you stay in touch with business while enjoying family time and vice versa – perfect work/life integration.

Pictured: Alastair Stewart OBE and myself

I’m thrilled with the reviews the book has received so far, they are positive and encouraging, like this one from Alastair Stewart OBE, “A clever, complex analysis of the theory of incremental achievement, and an elegant exposition of why love makes life worth living” and the kind words from my good friend, Gordon McAlpine who says, “This book shows how to refocus, refresh and rediscover a clear vision of what we really want and how to make our lives as good as they can be. A revelation.”

It is also stirring up some healthy debate! A book-related blog that I posted back in the summer sparked lots of questioning and some fairly harsh criticism. I will also continue to promote the many benefits of Work/Life integration with my good friend Richard Holway, following his review. Thanks for your kind words Richard, despite this not being your chosen model!

But we are all different – and this isn’t intended as a set of rules, with a one-size- fits-all mindset. I guarantee that it will get you thinking though, and if it opens your mind to adapting your working practices, then that’s great. This New Year could see you on your way to a brand new you!

I have also integrated literature and technology in Live Love Work Prosper. This book is the first of its kind! A leadership book that features QR codes alongside the reading experience, offering video content to enhance the written material, and therefore integrating tech with traditional literature. I want to make it a fully immersive experience, taking the reader on a journey with me through the many experiences and emotions that have got me to where I am today. It’s an interesting feature that adds an extra visual dimension in its design and some really valuable content in the video.

So if you want to join that journey and work towards harmonious life choices in 2018 and beyond, order your copy via Amazon… and get ready to Live Love Work Prosper!

Thanks again to everyone who came down to Daunt’s bookshop to help launch Live Love Work Prosper. To see you all there in support of my book was a really special moment for me. I hope you enjoy reading your copies, and be sure to check out those QR codes for added value!

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