Posted 13/08/2016

Going For Gold

What a humbling moment

This week has been an exciting one for Great Britain, and with Team GB performing brilliantly out in Rio we’ve all felt more motivated to up our game.

We’re bringing home 20+ medals so far, 7 of them gold, and all of them well deserved and passionately strived for by their recipients.

Brilliant! Well done all and keep it up Team GB!

I just found out I’ve had a podium result this week too – yesterday I was announced as the Gold winner of the International Business Awards Chairman of the Year 2016!

What a humbling moment that was as I headed home from my daily marathon!

I thoroughly enjoy my role acting as Chairman to many companies, I want to be able to share my experience and see how it can help another business to take the lead and up their game. So thank you for the recognition, it means a lot.

I have to admit that 27 marathons into my 40/40 challenge this news gave me a bit of a boost – it put a little more fuel into the start of my day today, and it made me think about how success and recognition can do that – put fuel in your motor.
Think about how often you ‘recognise’ someone’s achievements – it could be your child just writing their name for the first time, or achieving well in their exams. It could be your colleague or employees exceeding their targets, or your friend even running their own marathon.

It’s human nature to feel motivated and boosted by success, and it can be infectious – one person’s achievements can quickly spur another on to reach their level, to up their game, and to be the best. We certainly want that to be the case for Team GB.
And the fundraising I’m doing for The Prince’s Trust is not just to help lives in danger; it’s to encourage vulnerable young people to find their own success.

What kind of a life do we have if we can’t ever imagine achieving our goals and reaching our individual potential?

Let’s give as many young people as we can the ability to win their own ‘gold’.

Let’s motivate them to make a goal and strive to reach it.

And let’s support them to aim high, believe in themselves, and shine.

Please help a young person to reach their potential by showing your support for my marathon challenge. You can donate here.

And please follow and share my progress via Twitter too – the more we can spread the word, the more young people we can help.

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