Posted 13/10/2016

Give a girl a future

Off to a Fantastic Start

The Give a Girl a Future Appeal is off to a Fantastic Start.  And until 7th December, every pound we raise will be doubled by the UK Government. This is an amazing opportunity for us to raise as much money as we can and then double it so that we can change even more lives for the better.

Girls like Aqsa need our support. She was just 16 when her father died and was suddenly faced with the need to earn money to support her family. Without the right skills she had no option but to stitch footballs – tough work lasting long into the night and causing damage to her hands. With your help, we can make a difference to the lives of thousands of girls like Aqsa. Your support will enable us to provide training, help girls to set up businesses and to market their products so they are able to increase their earnings. Just £30 can provide a girl with a life-changing year of support and training.

By matching and effectively doubling the British public’s generous donations to the British Asian Trust’s ‘Give a Girl a Future’ appeal, the UK is helping as many as 50,000 women and girls develop the business skills they need to secure steady jobs. We can reduce an entire generation’s dependency on aid as we enable young women in Pakistan to earn their own living and work towards a better future for them and their families.
Priti Patel, International Development Secretary
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