Posted 17/07/2017

The Art of Integration is Not Missing Out

Let's not fear integration

Have you thought about just how integrated we are these days? Technology has made it possible for all areas of life to be integrated. It’s better now than ever before and opens up many opportunities for getting things done!

I’ve been thinking about parenting roles recently. As the end of the academic year approaches, kids up and down the country have leavers’ assemblies, sports days, presentations… it’s a busy time of the school year and there is a lot for us parents to attend – or miss out on – depending on how integrated your business and personal lives are and how well that’s working for you.

Back in ‘the day’ these events were generally assumed to be a mother’s duty to attend. Fathers were busy in the office, making a living, providing for the family.

But this is 2017! We have come a long way, parenting styles and family circumstances have evolved in line with moves towards equality. Women are exercising their right to pursue careers alongside motherhood. The cost of living has forced more parents out to work and the dual-income family is far more commonplace.

Thanks to technology we are able to stay connected with business while taking time out to enjoy and participate in these important family events. To some, it seems antisocial to be checking in on emails while at a school event but I think surely it should be socially admired to be present rather than missing out altogether – surely it’s a compromise if you pick your time wisely?

Much like all business and personal interactions, it’s about manners and courtesy when integrating business and personal life via your smart phone. It will be frowned upon if you have your nose in your emails while your child is running the 100metre sprint – and you will both miss out – but having a quick check in on business while another group of kids is running an egg and spoon race? You’ll be forgiven for that I hope!

Think about other integrations in life… it seemed absurd to watch TV in the gym once upon a time, but now that is a completely normal activity. Why not catch up the news while hitting the treadmill?

When the wireless was first invented many moons ago, families used to gather round to enjoy the entertainment and would sit and enjoy it as a single activity. How long has that been integrated into car journeys/cooking time/manual labour time?

So let’s not fear integration, for it has been quietly present in our lives for a long time. Now it hits the big time and we need to embrace it and the possibilities it offers for work/life harmony!

The world continues to become a much busier place and time is even more precious. There are not enough hours in the day to do things one at a time so it’s well worth mastering the art of integration to help us manage all of our many roles and to feel fulfilled in all areas of life.

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