The journal of Michael Tobin

Hitting the 2 Million Mark!

I have spent nearly half a year inside a BA aeroplane. That’s many, many airline meals - breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Lots of air-born nightcaps and numerous hours listening to inflight safety demonstrations.

Where is your productivity hotspot?

I talk about remote working a lot - it’s how I conduct the bulk of my business and it keeps things varied and interesting for me. I firmly believe that not being chained to a desk from 9-5 Monday to Friday helps with my productivity and motivation.

Personal Branding – more important now than ever

I’m a big fan of the concept of ‘personal branding’, in truth, it’s something I’ve been mindful of for most of my career. And now that I’m a one man operation, I feel it’s more important than ever before.

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